Our website has been renewed

Our website has been renewed.

Menus have been organized to make them more user-friendly.

Due to the reorganization of the menu, some menu names have been changed.

before renewalafter renewal
What is GBIF/JBIF?About
GBIF Member Organization SitesGBIF Members
Registering Data With GBIFPublishing Support
Useful websiteBiodiversity-related websites (Japanese page)
Related ActivitiesActivities
the "Data statistics" were renewed.

The renewed Data Statistics page focuses on data released via JBIF and presents statistical information visually and intuitively by using a map and graphs.

Past materials have been moved to the Library.

Past JBIF pamphlets and GBIF newsletters are now available in the Library (Japanese page).

the "FAQ" is added.

You can read about JBIF, GBIF, data registration, terminology, etc. in a Q&A format. This FAQ page is in Japanese.