GBIF Portal tutorial videos in Japanese are available

We have created and released tutorial videos that shows the basic use of the GBIF Portal in Japanese.

These videos explain what kind of information can be searched on the GBIF Portal and how exactly to search, so if you are new to using the GBIF Portal search or want to know how to do a basic search, please take a look at these videos.

You can view them at the "GBIF Portal Tutorial" (Japanese page) in "To use GBIF Data" or at "Videos" (Japanese page) in "Activities".

※ With the release of the videos, the GBIF Portal Tutorial page has also been renewed.

These videos are available on the NBRP Information Center’s YouTube channel.

The NBRP Information Center’s YouTube channel also features other videos related to JBIF and GBIF, such as lectures at symposiums.

The NBRP Information Center’s YouTube channel is here