"Library" reorganized

Following the renewal of the GBIF Portal, we have reorganized the materials in the library.

The "Library" is here. This page is in Japanese.

Materials whose titles have been changed

  1. BEFORE:Data Sharing
    AFTER:Data publisher agreement
  2. BEFORE:Data Use
    AFTER:Data user agreement
  3. BEFORE:Term of use (licences) and Term of use (disclaimer)
    AFTER:Terms of use
  4. BEFORE:GBIF Metadata Profile, How-to guide (2011)
    AFTER:GitHub/GBIF Metadata Profile, How-to guide
  5. BEFORE:GBIF Darwin Core Archive, How-to guide (2011)
    AFTER:GitHub/GBIF Darwin Core Archive, How-to guide
  6. BEFORE:Publishing Species Checklists, Best Practices (2011)
    AFTER:GitHub/Best Practices in Publishing Species Checklists
  7. BEFORE:IPT2 manual
    AFTER:GitHub/The IPT User Manual

Added materials

  1. GitHub/How to publish biodiversity data through GBIF.org
  2. GitHub/How to publish/Resource Metadata
  3. GitHub/How to publish/Checklist Data
  4. GitHub/How to publish/Occurrence Data
  5. GitHub/How to publish/Sampling Event Data
  6. Dataset classes
  7. TDWG/Darwin Core Terms: A quick reference guide
  8. Darwin Core Taxon-Extension (for Checklist Data)
  9. Darwin Core Occurrence-Extension (for Occurrence Data)
  10. Darwin Core Event-Extension (for Sampling Event Data)

Removed material

  1. ModestR tutorial