The 2017 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge has opened

Join the 2017 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge!

To date, the GBIF has accumulated over 700 million pieces of biodiversity information, and we have been working on a variety of initiatives to make effective use of this information.

The Ebbe Nielsen Challenge aims to take this a step further by proposing a method or example of use for the data in the GBIF, and selecting the first place winner from among multiple candidates in a competitive format.

Proposals can include the development of new websites, mobile applications, analysis results, data visualization, and more.

The main feature of the competition is that the proposals should be examples of utilization, rather than a coherent body of work in the form of a research paper.

The total amount of the prize is 14,000 euros. This is an opportunity to use biodiversity information to promote your work internationally.

We encourage you to apply.

For more information, including application requirements, click here or here.