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Ikimono Log, a biodiversity information portal site by the Ministry of the Environment, is released

A biodiversity information portal, Ikimono Log, has been launched by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. It aims to collect and share biological information widely, including with the general public, as well as to provides information on previous biological surveys conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. The retrieved data is displayed on a map and can also be downloaded in CSV and KML, compliant with Darwin Core. The website is here. ...

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GRBio, an integrated portal for the world's natural history specimen collections, is released

A new integrated portal on the world’s specimen collections, The Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio), is released. Plant collections have traditionally been managed by the Index Herbariorum (IH), while non-IH registries, such as the Biodiversity Collections Index (BCI), which used mainly in Europe, and the, which focuses on DNA barcoding. GRBio synchronises information with IH and integrates BCI and (The latter two will be closing.) The GRBio also allows you to search for staff from museums and other institutions around the world. ...

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Bird heatmap evolve with the help of citizens

In the article “ Crowdsourcing, for the Birds”, published in the New York Times on 19 August, a system is described in which “birders” who watching birds are used as “biological sensors” to digitise a wide range of bird distributions in a comprehensive, year-round manner. The ornithological network eBird has been accumulating data at a rate of 40% per year for some time now, and they have developed and provided a mobile app to attract birders to the data collection, selected the best birders to improve data quality, and introduced a machine learning system. ...

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The website of the image database of Freshwater Fish in South-east Asian has opened

The website of the Image Database of Freshwater Fish in Southeast Asian has opened. You can also search by the common name of each country. The website is here.

Presentataion materials for the 21st Study Group on Dissemination of Specimen Information are now available

Presentataion materials for the 21st Study Group on Dissemination of Specimen Information through the Project for Improvement of Data on Natural History Specimens are now available. You can find them in the announcements on the right-hand side of the Japanese version of the Science Museum Net, S-Net website.