This page lists the key activities related to GBIF and JBIF in Japan.


21st Century Biodiversity Research Workshop

December 3, 2023[18th Workshop] Biodiversity Observation Required Now
December 18, 2022[17th Workshop] Make and Share a Species Checklist
December 18, 2021[16th Workshop] Exploring Biodiversity with DNA
December 5, 2020[15th Workshop] Accelerating Utilization of GBIF Data
January 25, 2020[14th Workshop] Frontiers of Digitization and Utilization of Natural History Specimens
December 8, 2018[13th Workshop] Use of Biodiversity Data and Expansion into New Fields
December 9, 2017[12th Workshop] Standardization and Usability of Biodiversity Information
December 3, 2016[11th Workshop] Connecting and Expanding Biodiversity Information
December 12, 2015[10th Workshop] Considering the "Culture" Surrounding Biodiversity Information
December 13, 2014[9th Workshop] Biodiversity Informatics in Japan and the World: Status and Prospects
December 14, 2013[8th Workshop] Invasive / Introduced Species and Biodiversity Information
December 15, 2012[7th Workshop] Endangered Species and Biodiversity Information
December 10, 2011[6th Workshop] How Many Species of Living Organisms Are There in Japan?
December 12, 2010[5th Workshop] Why are Scientific and Japanese Names of Organisms So Difficult? The Key to Searching for Biodiversity Information
December 14, 2009[4th Workshop] Biodiversity Research and Species Distribution Data: Accumulation and Use of Observational Information
December 8, 2008[3rd Workshop] Construction and Use of Large-Scale Information Networks for Environmental and Biodiversity Issues
December 10, 2007[2nd Workshop] The Creation of Biodiversity Informatics 2
October 30, 2006[1st Workshop] The Creation of Biodiversity Informatics

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Activities of the National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan

Activities of the National Institute for Environmental Studies

Activities of the National Institute of Genetics

Activities of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)