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JBIF (Japan Initiative for Biodiversity Information) is the organization carrying out the activities of GBIF in Japan. Its main role is to promote the use and global dissemination of biodiversity related data.

Since 2007, JBIF has been operated as part of the Information Center Establishment Program of the National BioResource Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT). Specifically, there are three institutions–the National Institute of Genetics, the National Institute for Environmental Studies, and the National Museum of Nature and Science–working in cooperation to accomplish this task.

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Framework of the JBIF Strategy 2023-2027

  1. Improve the quantity and quality of data to contribute to the resolution of issues
    Continue to collect and accumulate data. In addition, the following will be prioritized:

    • Enhance release of ecological observation data.
    • Accumulate a variety of data, including DNA-derived data and species name data, and establish a system to support their release to the public.
    • Developing the infrastructure through tools that help improve the quality of data.

  2. Maintain data publication infrastructure and upgrade it according to needs
    Maintain the infrastructure we currently operate, including servers for registering data to GBIF and portal sites for JBIF and S-Net. In addition, we will monitor technological trends in the release of biodiversity data, and give priority to providing feedback to JBIF's data release format in response to needs and seeds.

  3. Promote the biodiversity information field and cooperation with other fields to expand the use of data
    Promote the use of data published by JBIF, including use via the international GBIF portal, by promoting dissemination and capacity building for both data providers and users through holding meetings including practical training, giving lectures at conferences, and publishing explanatory articles. In particular, deepen collaboration with the life science and biodiversity conservation fields.

"Framework of the JBIF Strategy 2023-2027" is excerpted from JBIF Strategy 2023-2027.

The Japanese version of the JBIF Strategy 2023-2027 and previous documents on JBIF Strategy can be found in Library (Japanese page).

Steering Committee of JBIF

Steering committee member list

Working Group of JBIF

ITO MotomiKomaba Museum, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
EBIHARA AtsushiNational Museum of Nature and Science
OSAWA TakeshiGraduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
OTA T. AinoNational Museum of Nature and Science
KAKIZOE ShotaroNational Museum of Nature and Science
KAWAMOTO ShokoNational Institute of Genetics
KIMURA NorikoNational Institute of Genetics
JINBO UtsugiNational Museum of Nature and Science
TOTSU KumikoBiodiversity Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
NAKAE MasanoriNational Museum of Nature and Science
FUKAYA YukiBiodiversity Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
HOSOYA TsuyoshiNational Museum of Nature and Science
MITSUHASHI HiromuneInstitute of Natural and Environmental Sciences, University of Hyogo
YAMANO HiroyaBiodiversity Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
WATANABE KyoheiKanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History